Getting Feedback for What You Do

Much of the time, life goes on and no-one bothers to tell you if you’re doing a great job. Today is special because I’ve had a lovely recommendation from Sam at MumsThe Boss. I really like what Sam is doing for businesswomen in her area, and her blog is well worth following. It is great to hear that she rates what I do too

A few too many people are saying ‘I don’t know how you do so much’ to me. Shall I let you in on my secrets? Firstly, I love what I do. It keeps me sane when my family drives me bonkers. For me, work produces visible and tangible outcomes – there is nothing like a new book in your hand (or cash in the bank). It is harder, amongst the day to day chores, to see the same outcomes when parenting three small kids.  Secondly, I’m actually not working as hard as you think! All the books coming out in the next few months have been written over the last couple of years. It is just that different publishers work at different speeds. And some of my websites pretty much look after themselves, which allows me to work on new projects.

My final secrets – I can type fast, and always know what I need to do next. All that time changing nappies, breastfeeding and cooking kids tea, I use to plot my next moves. This could simply be writing down a to-do list, or developing a new book idea and website.

I got another great bit of feedback today on one of the new projects that I’m working on, The site looks fairly static at the moment but behind the scenes it is filling up with new content and ideas, all to tie in with the launch of the Mumpreneur Guide’s Star Your Own Business Book. Make sure you’re signed up here or at so you’re one of the first to be at the launch on 1 September. I’ll be sharing what people are saying about it with you nearer the launch!

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