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Working from home has its pluses and minuses. It is great to be around for the family, but often you can end up working in spaces that are less than ideal. My ‘home office’ is right in the centre of the home, so I can be on hand if any of the kids needs me, but on the down side it is hard to get peace and quiet to make calls. I know one mum who ran her home office out of a bread bin in the kitchen.

So, I’m going to be looking at products which can help you create a great workspace for you. And one of the first ways to make sure that you have a great workspace is to keep the kids out of your stuff! I don’t mean that you have to erect an extra stairgate – although that might be an idea – but you do need to stop them stealing your stationery and hogging the pc. I’ve been trying out the Silver Cross Doodle, to give my 3 year old his own place to draw alongside where I’m working.

It is beautifully made and has a central pouch plus four cups to hold pens and pencils. Plus, if I can wrest it away from the three year old it will make a great highchair for the baby as the chair clips on top of the table.

Ours is blue, and I’d love to show you a pic of J working away at his own desk … but he has taken the card out of the digital camera and bent the pins so I can’t. I have yet to find the perfect product to keep the kids out of my office…. but will continue to look!

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