School Holiday Chaos? Quick Fix Tips

Is your house in chaos yet? Flylady, a US cleaning guru, defines CHAOS as Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome. It only takes a few hours of my kids being on school holidays before the tide of toys overtakes the lounge. It is fighting a losing battle to keep the house tidy all the time but sometimes it IS nice to have a clear room when visitors come over.

Merry Maids cleaning expert Barbara Roberts has some handy household tips which will help you to cope with surprise visits. Barbara recommends focussing on the public areas as these are most likely to be seen by guests popping by unexpectedly.

The Kitchen
• If you have a dishwasher load it with all the dishes sitting in the sink or on the side.
• Have some instant disposable cleaning wipes to hand to give the surfaces, taps and splash-backs a quick wipe down leaving them sparkling and fresh, without having to do a deep clean.
• Take out the rubbish – there is nothing worse than a whiffy bin.

The Bathroom
• First tidy away any lotions and potions sitting out.
• Using the wipes from the kitchen (most are multi-purpose) wipe down the sink removing any offending toothpaste marks, the mirror and the toilet.
• Put out a fresh hand-towel, soap and toilet paper.

The Living Room
• Gather together papers and letters into a neat pile, place out of view to be sorted through later.
• If you have toys scattered around pop them in the laundry basket, they can be put back in the right place once the guests have left and hide the basket in another room.
• Fluff up your cushions and quickly dust round the room.
• Open the windows and let the fresh air circulate.
• If you have time, a quick vacuum always lifts a room, otherwise remove any bits of fluff or dust from the floor.

And if you need more long term help, sign up to the Flylady site. Once you get past the style, you’ll find her system a great way to get on top of the housework without it taking over your day.

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