Mum’s Home Office: When Baby Needs to Sleep

Do you work with your baby alongside you? Laura of says: “When my children were little I found that if I could get them to take their big nap in the time when I was most busy at work, I could just about juggle the being a new mum and a full time MD.” This is much the same approach that I take with Kit, now 5 months. He naps, I write!

Laura continues, “I used to keep my babies in Moses baskets under my desk but this new product is totally fantastic. It is the perfect canopy to place over a travel cot making the environment within the cot dark and calm. This could be ideal if you were to have your baby sleeping in your home office as I used to do. In fact I found that since I caught up on a lot of my work at night, working at the computer in the baby’s room was perfect since I was around when they woke up for their feed and could feed them quickly and put them back down without waking my other child.”

The CONTENT AND CALM COT CANOPY is £135 and available from with Free P&P

JoJoMamanBebe are fundraising to help build two schools in Mozambique. The company are having a charity buggy fun run and baby fair in September. Visit their site to see how you can help.

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