Mum’s Home Office: Whatever Gets You Through the Day

So, what are your office essentials? Laptop, paper, pens, packing materials and tape? You can probably guess what my number one requirement is at the start of every working day.

Since having kids, I can’t get going without a cup of coffee. It is my five minutes of peace in the bedlam of the morning rush. I’m keen to keep my home office as green as possible, like many mumpreneurs, so always aim for fair trade coffee. At the moment I’m drinking Cafeology’s┬áLatin Blend

And, when the builders drive me out of the house, or when I’m on my way to collect the kids, I get a coffee too. It is not just the caffeine – I think I have it down on my list of little treats which get me through the day, like that square of chocolate after lunch.

So, what gets you through the day when you are working?

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