Mum’s Home Office: An Eco-Office for Writers

If you’re thinking about writing regularly, will you be using a laptop or scribbling by hand? I find handwriting works well for me when I am doing more creative writing. I stick to the pc for copywriting which I want to write and then edit straight away.

A lovely notebook and favourite pen or pencil adds to the pleasure of writing. If you are doing something like the daily pages from The Artist’s Way, you’ll find a good notebook essential. I’ve found a fantastic range of recycled eco friendly pens, pencils, pencil cases and staplers, which are environmentally friendly without being too expensive. There are funky pads and pencil cases made from recycled tyres with the statement “I used to be a car tyre” printed on the case. The pencil case is just £3.95, washable durable and feels great to touch!  Recycled office paper notepads cost just £2.95 for A6 and £3.95 for A5.

There are also packs of 3 HB pencils made from recycled cd cases, plastic cups and packaging just £1.35 per pack. They look like and sharpen like any normal wood pencil, but they’re made entirely from recycled plastic.  Innovative remarkable black ballpoint pens (£1.96 for 2) are made from recycled car parts, computer games consoles and electrical goods. Some of the most difficult to recycle and damaging  items to the environment are finally being put to good use!

Check on line at for a special offer.  Just £9.75 for a car tyre pencil case filled with 3 x recycled HB pencils,2 x recycled pens and accompanied by our A5 recycled office paper notebook.

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