Keeping the Kids Busy: ChooChooGames

It can be hard to keep the kids occupied all summer long. Whether you work from home or just have jobs to do there are times when you’d give anything for a few minutes peace and quiet. To this end, I’ve asked Daisy, 7, to review ChooChooGames, a new educational play website for children. The site is for 2-6 year olds, so Daisy has been looking at the site with her brother Jay, 3.

Daisy writes, “Two to six year olds should try ChooChooGames. I like it because it teaches you new things.” The games Daisy liked best included making a castle and one where you cut out shapes. She says, “Jay, 3, liked mostly all of them. I think toddlers would like the vacuum cleaner game and the washing windows game. They might not like the noisy ballon and firework games.” Daisy would have liked, “more instructions”.

The site was created by a father, Rafal Han who was concerned about the effect of some websites on children. He says, “A little over two years ago I started having a real problem with answering the questions my then, four-year-old son started asking me about such as: where does water in a tap come from?; why do I have to share things with others?; why do we have to brush our teeth?

I looked to the internet for assistance to find some form of illustration, metaphor or games to help answer these questions, but was dissatisfied with the possibilities the online world presented for my children. I found many games sites, but they appeared to offer little benefit to the children playing them and on some, the content worried me. I didn’t have too much trouble finding educational sites either, but they tended to promote solitary working.

I wanted to enjoy the online world with my children in the same way we enjoy reading a book together or doing a puzzle. I wanted a website intended for parents and children to play and enjoy together and that would help them communicate and strengthen their relationship with each other.

I decided to actually create this site that I was envisaging, and along with the educational aspect, I felt right from the start that it was important to include a moral element and communicate positive social messages. I wanted the site to be a place of inspiration and ideas for parents and children, enabling them to discover things online that exist in the real world which they can then go and explore in more detail in the context of real life situations.” 

So, if you are looking for a site to amuse the kids over the summer, safe in the knowlefge that they will be learning and having fun, give ChooChooGames a try.

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