Mum’s Home Office: Get Organised

If the thought of ‘back to school’ has you vowing to get more organised, here is a round up of some useful diaries and planners.

I’ve been using the Organised Mum Life Book Diary for several years now. Created by a mum for mums it has lots of plus points: plenty of space for family members and lists, menu planning etc. This year’s Family Life Book Diary has shopping lists to tear out at the back, holiday planner pages and a separate address book to tuck in the back pocket as well as the stickers which feature in all the Organised Mum diaries. I like the size, although you need a fairly chunky handbag if you are going to carry it around with you. It costs £12.99. Add the gorgeous leather cover if they still have some available. It brings the total price up to £26.99, but you can use the cover for more than one year. It adds a little luxury to your everyday scribblings and has further robust pockets to keep notes and bills.

I’ve also got a DoDo Acad-pad to check out for this review. It has an original quirky style, but of course is really designed for students rather than mums. However it has the same handy ring bound style and is a similar size. It has lots of space for doodles and a useful pocket for papers.  It will appeal to those who feel Organised Mum is a bit too ‘domestic goddess’ and instead plan on being gracefully and humourously disorganised this year. The Acad-pad retails at £12.50.

Finally, I’ve got something slightly different. It is not a diary, but could help you get more organised. By the Book – How to Take Care of My Kids is something that every working parent will find useful as well as anyone who uses occasional baby sitters. The authors have put together pages for you to fill in your child’s routines, allergies, school and club information: in fact it can contain everything a childcarer might need. It beats those scrappy notes with your mobile number on them and leaves any carer all the details for both routine and emergencies. The books are written for a US audience but would still be useful for the UK. You can buy a printed hardback book ($19.95 plus shipping) or simply pay to download an electronic version ($9.95). I have a discount code for this: BTBK7757 will give you 25% off a hardbound book. Useful for any mum who is hoping to be more organised for all eventualities.

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