Increasing the Value of Your Business BEFORE You Need to Sell

Alchemy Network boss David Abingdon, who has made millions several times over both through his own businesses and by taking a share of the profits he’s made for others, is now telling business owners trying to sell their companies to get them fit and “investor ready” before even trying to put them on the market. He says, “Any buyer worth their salt should be offering zero to a potential seller and let them justify why it’s worth anything at all.


“So what can the seller of a business do, in order to develop business value and to allow someone to buy it? They have to give their companies a business makeover.

“They need to make their business more systemised, and in doing so make their business “investor ready”. Systemising is really all about putting the company on autopilot, so that it runs without the owner having to be there. Then you have a money-making machine – and people will buy a money-making machine.

“There are very straightforward measures and steps that business people can take to increase the value of their business, by improving profitability and turnover. It really can be as easily done as said – I should know, I’ve done it enough times.

“As well as systemising, there is expertise available that can help the business owner to achieve the latent, real value in their company, by changing what they are doing that’s rubbish and looking at how to make it run well.”

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