Mum’s Home Office: What to do with Baby While You Work

When you have a little baby it is relatively easy: baby naps, you get on with business. But as your baby grows and naps less you need to acutally think of ways to amuse them while you work. Kit is now nearly 6 months and would much prefer to be sitting up and involved with everything, so I’ve been trying out a Cushi Tush Child Safety Seat. It is a foam seat with a small tray, and works really well for a baby who is on the way to sitting, but needs a bit of support.

 The tray is smaller than a highchair tray but big enough to fit a few small toys. The chair is comfortable, the tray is easy enough to insert and remove. Because the chair is made of a lightweight plastic foam it is easy to move from place to place. It also seems surprisingly robust: D, 7, and J, 3, have put it through its paces. It also looks like it will last as J can still fit into it.

On the downside, the chair costs around £31.99 and you are advised in several places not to use it as a booster seat or bath seat, nor to use it on a raised surface. This all makes perfect sense but is frustrating: you can see that it would be a lovely booster seat with the addition of a few straps, or work well in the bath if there were suckers to attach the seat to the bottom. For a working mum it would also be ideal to have the chair up at desk height … but that would be a high chair.

So, would I recommend the Cushi Tush Child Safety Seat? Yes. It is not a baby essential, but certainly a ‘nice to have’. And if you don’t mind sitting on the floor it is a great place for a work at home mum to put her baby while she gets on with business. You can buy it here.

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