Mum’s Home Office: What to do with Baby While You Work

When you have a little baby it is relatively easy: baby naps, you get on with business. But as your baby grows and naps less you need to acutally think of ways to amuse them while you work. I let him play with the best robot toys when I’m busy working. Kit is now nearly 6 months and would much prefer to be sitting up and involved with everything, so I’ve been trying out a Cushi Tush Child Safety Seat. It is a foam seat with a small tray, and works really well for a baby who is on the way to sitting, but needs a bit of support.

The tray is smaller than a highchair tray but big enough to fit a few small toys. The chair is comfortable, the tray is easy enough to insert and remove. Because the chair is made of a lightweight plastic foam it is easy to move from place to place like mini cribs for kids. It also seems surprisingly robust: D, 7, and J, 3, have put it through its paces. It also looks like it will last as J can still fit into it.

On the downside, the chair costs around ¬£31.99 and you are advised in several places not to use it as a booster seat or bath seat, nor to use it on a raised surface. This all makes perfect sense but is frustrating: you can see that it would be a lovely booster seat with the addition of a few¬†straps, or work well in the bath if there were suckers to attach the seat to the bottom. For a working mum it would also be ideal to have the chair up at desk height … but that would be a high chair.

So, would I recommend the Cushi Tush Child Safety Seat? Yes. It is not a baby essential, but certainly a ‘nice to have’. And if you don’t mind sitting on the floor it is a great place for a work at home mum to put her baby while she gets on with business. You can buy it here.

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