Stressed about Back to School?

Marneta Viegas is the Founder of Relax Kids. She has some tips to share to help keep your kids relaxed when they return to school this week.

1 Teach them to breathe. Encourage deep breathing – in through the nose and out slowly through the mouth. Ask your child to lie down and put their hand on their tummy and feel their hand rising and falling.

2 Give them a massage. Massage your child’s temples, hands, feet, back or shoulders. Try this before school or at bedtime or while watching TV.

3 Go for a walk. When your child is feeling stressed, take 10 minutes out and go for a walk around the park or even around the block after school. Walking in the wind and rain really can de-stress and energise kids!

4 Get arty. Have a box full or relaxing activities at the ready, such as colouring sets, modeling clay and craft kids to help take your child’s mind off whatever is bothering them.

5 Chill out. Try to create a ‘Chill Out’ space at home and encourage your child to visit this place daily or whenever they’re feeling stressed or anxious.

6 Writing. If your child is older, they may like to write their thoughts and feelings down. Encourage them to write something every day and let out all their internalised stress in the page. If there is something particular bothering them, they could write down what it is, and then scrunch up the paper and throw it away in the bin!

7 Affirming. Simply by repeating the words “I am Calm”, “I am Peaceful’, “I am Quiet”, “I am serene” will enable your child to find themselves in a more restful space.

8 Eating. Make sure your child gets plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and reduce their intake of processed food. This will ensure that their bodies are packed with all the necessary nutrients needed to stay balanced.

9 Drinking. Make sure your child is always well-hydrated with plenty of water and fresh juices. Avoid sugary drinks or drinks with artificial flavours which can make children out of balance and hyperactive.

10 Listening. Calming music can have a positive effect on children, as it stimulates the Alpha brainwaves. At the end of the day, try to play some classical or relaxation music to help children wind down.

Relax Kids has a range of relaxation books, CDs and DVDs to help children relax at bedtime and when they come home from school.  Visit   for more information and try out a free download.

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