What Enterprise Experts are Saying about The Mumpreneur Guide

‘We are seeing such an increase in the number of Mums starting and growing a business from home. It’s a way of working that keeps you on hand for the family whilst turning a skill/passion/hobby into a way of making a living. Becoming your own boss from the comfort of home is an experience that will fill your life with every day adventure – good on Antonia for publishing this Guide that will help Mums through the exciting times!’

Emma Jones, Founder of www.EnterpriseNation.com and author of ‘Spare Room Start Up – how to start a business from home’

If you want help to start your own business, or need to give your existing business a boost, visit www.themumpreneurguide.co.uk and buy The Mumpreneur Guide’s Start Your Own Business Book.

Buy the book this week to get over £600 of bonuses to help you start your business.

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