Mum’s Home Office: When Did You Last Back Up?

Do you have lots of really important stuff on your computer? I do, and I know that I don’t back up as often as I should. When the kids are calling, it is just one more thing that gets left on my ‘to do’ list. However, I’ve been trying out a really simple, intuitive portable back up device which I was sent to review for Family Friendly Working. It is unusual for me to suggest that you buy something which costs around £80, but I’d say that the Clickfree is well worth it. If you run your own business remember that you can claim the cost back against tax too.

Your laptop or PC probably contains masses of precious digital content that you and your children would be lost without; the digital camera pictures of the last day of summer term, the latest proposal for your new client, the GCSE coursework that everyone’s helped with, and invoices that you really need to keep for year end, yet research shows that 96% of PC users never back up their data and run the risk of losing it forever. And when you’re preparing for your kids to go back to school and for you to knuckle down back into your routine, any way to minimise potential disruptions is a big bonus!

In the past, I’ve found backing up the computer is time consuming and needs my attention, but the little Clickfree device was easy to use. I just plugged it into the USB ports and it got on with it. It didn’t ask me to install anything before it started. At the end I had the option to install a reminder, which I have done. The little box can back up 15 computers, so can be used for all the family or business computers.  

So, if your resolution this term is to get more organised, give it a go. You could save yourself valuable time and prevent future computing disasters.

Prices start from £74.99, with the drives available from Amazon, Curry’s, Dixons, Boots, QVC UK online and direct from the Clickfree website at

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