Do You Run on Tea and Biscuits?

I never knew the power of a cup of tea and a biscuit or two until I became a sleep-deprived mum. There is nothing like a gentle mid-afternoon sugar and caffeine boost to get you through the kids tea and bedtime. And it seems like I’m not alone. Research shows the UK is fiercely divided over the top time to eat a biscuit, with ‘Biscuit O’Clock’ falling between 3 and 4pm (for 19.6% of people polled) or 10 and 11am (19.5%). But the real ‘crunch time’ was determined to be 3:10pm, with school ending and teachers, kids and even parents all resorting to a quick and much needed pick-me-up.

According to the McVitie’s Bonkers About Biscuits report 15.5% say they would never eat biscuits in business meetings. It also seems Brits are unable to keep their hands off biscuits in even the strangest places, including the bed (34%), the bath (17%) and even a swimming pool! And finally, after a bad day at work or an emotional break up, it’s the good old-fashioned chocolate digestive that tops the list for comfort (42.8%), closely followed by a chocolate HobNob (23.7%) and Jaffa Cakes (23.5%), while chocolate chip cookies (21.9%) and shortbread (21.5%) complete the top five favourites.

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  • Ahh, the great combination of an afternoon cuppa and biscuit, and having a good nights sleep to get you over being sleep deprived! I definitely pick up for having an afternoon break, and then for knowing I’ll be getting into a comofrtable bed at the end of the day!

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