The PRECIOUS Awards 2009 – Final Call for Entries

There have been some great entries for the PRECIOUS Awards again this year. It’s been inspiring and uplifting to read about how and why so many women of colour have set up in business, and also read about the inspiring strides our Leadership nominees have been making in the workplace. But here at PRECIOUS HQ we’re kind of greedy, yes we want more! So this is a final call for entries for the PRECIOUS awards.

If you know a woman of colour who’s running a business in the UK, If you’ve bought a product or service from a female owned business that’s recently launched, If you know of a woman of colour doing great things to influence her company culture and/or the wider community, If you are sitting next to a woman like this right now or if that woman is you, then nominate now.

You may say ‘why me?’ PRECIOUS says: why not you? Nominate now! Final closing date September 21 2009.

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