Family Friendly Working: What is it REALLY all about

On this blog, I write about mums in business, flexible ways to work and useful books and products to help you. What I perhaps don’t mention enough is why we’re all doing it.

It is easy to get so wrapped up in running your business that you forget why you started it. I know that this happens to me: a book launch co-inciding with the last days of the summer holidays was not great planning. Because really, I’m doing this so I can be around for the children. And so I need to plan most of my work in school hours and term time. And I’m the only boss I know who will give me time off to attend EVERY school event, and allow me time without complaining whenever my child is sick.

So, now the kids are back at school and nursery and you have a little more time for yourself ask yourself ‘why am I self emplyed/working from home/working flexible hours?’. Write down the first few reasons that come into your head and stick them up somewhere you can see them every day. Over the coming term, especially as things get hectic towards Christmas, this can help you make decisions and keep your priorities in mind.

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