Got any Odd Jobs? is not quite a job site, but certainly something that might be useful if you have time and skills but lack cash. The site is created to help you swap the talents and abilities you have with other people locally.

So, if you’re a dab hand at making cakes and need to get your hallway painted, you could use the website to find someone who’s great at glossing skirting boards and banisters, and make them birthday, Christmas or occasion cakes. You get your hallway spruced up and they save themselves a frantic (and expensive) dash to the supermarket for that special cake – it’s a win-win situation.

Maybe you can speak another language fluently and can exchange lessons for a week’s break in your OddJobSwapper’s holiday home in the sun?

To make this even more beneficial for subscribers & to celebrate that OddJobSwap is now fully live 999 FREE memberships will be given away from this Wednesday 09/ 09/09. And to also give back to subscribers there is now also an exciting affiliate scheme so for everyone who joins up under your name you will be paid £1.

 Julie Bruce, Co founder explains: “We want to give back to everyone and to help people enjoy life again and now not only can people enjoy the benefits of swapping but also our system will credit affiliates when they so wish so they can even earn money in their sleep. This is for everyone whether you have a handful of friends that join or a larger list of people that will enjoy OddJobSwap too.”

After the free membership giveaway there will be a one-off payment of £9.99 per year for membership. is the brainchild of Peter and Julie Bruce, who were thinking of ways to boost community spirit and beat the credit crunch at the same time. ‘I’d grown up in an area that had such a strong sense of community spirit and I was wondering where that sense of togetherness had gone,’ says Julie.


‘We wanted to create something that would bring people together and have a positive impact. With the credit crunch, it’s easy to think you can’t afford to get work done, but looks for the positives, letting people benefit from one another’s skills without having to spend loads of money.’

Peter adds: ‘Although I’d had secure job for years, when I decided to work in the contract market we had to take on board the reduced lack of security too – which was challenging, so I’d been thinking about various business ideas as well. We wanted our business to be fair and ethical, something that would work by fostering a sense of community.’

The result of their hard work is, a place where people can come together, pool their skills and get the jobs that need doing, done.

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