Babywearing for the Work At Home Mum

So, you work from home? And you have a baby? As if being “just” a mum isn’t hard enough, now you have to juggle emails, phone calls, design and manufacture work ¬†and trips to the Post Office too!

Thankfully, I have been there – and I have a solution. You can wear your baby in a sling, get your work done quicker – and spend time with your baby while you do.

Your baby is happy; you are close by and can still attend to her every need without completely dropping your work. There are so many benefits of babywearing, and even more so for a work at home mum.

While she is in the baby sling – she’ll benefit from increased learning, since she is close to you, and can learn from you and her surroundings. She is more relaxed, and usually babies who are worn cry less than those who are not (leaving you more time to do your work).

As a mum, or a working woman, you never seem to have quite enough hands – you need twice as many! If you carry your baby, it leaves your hands free to type, pack, phone – you can even breastfeed your baby whilst getting stuck into that important conference call.

When it comes to naptime, you won’t need to jiggle your baby in your arms – the baby carrier will do that for you, as you pace around, clearing the general debris from your living room/office or strolling to dispatch that last-minute order for your customer. Before you know it, she will be snoring softly. And if you do have a baby that needs jiggling, a sling makes it so much more comfortable than arms.

Babywearing promotes bonding, something you might miss out on if you are trying to fulfil that important order, whilst your bay is left in her bouncy chair. You will find yourself naturally talking to her as you go about your day together, and of course, when you are ready for a well earned break, what nicer way to take a walk, than with her snuggled up close?

If you are a WAHM, Mumpreneur, or whatever your preferred term is, you really ought to consider a baby sling, mei tai, carrier, or wrap – it could make your life so much easier!

Claire Willis is a work-at-home-mum with two sons. She began her own business making mei tai baby carriers, which she sells through her website after the birth of her youngest. Claire is now working on promoting babywearing throughout the UK with her new resource website

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