Book Review:How to Write an Impressive CV and Cover Letter: A Comprehensive Guide for the UK Job Seeker, by Tracey Whitmore

Considering the current economic climate, the market for How to Write an Impressive CV and Cover Letter: A Comprehensive Guide for the UK Job Seeker has widened in the last year or so. If you are unfortunate enough to have found yourself out of work, you could do a lot worse than look at this book by Tracy Whitmore.

In this book there is a series of comprehensive chapters identifying information that should or should not be on a current CV, from providing advice on how to format the document in an attempt to target a particular vacancy, to advice on how to present work histories. This is supplemented with a section on covering letters – something which most of us overlook if we’re totally honest.

One of the key strengths of this book is the variety of real-life CV & covering letter examples available. As these are from real people as opposed to being hypothetical ones, they serve to provide authenticity to what could be seen as a dry subject. There is also a CD with the book that provides templates of CVs and covering letters that can be adapted for use by the reader.

All of this information has been divided into a package that considers if the applicant has less than 2 years experience, or is a more senior job seeker who has more in the way of business experience. I liked the fact that the examples were not limited to the service sector and that there were examples from the manufacturing sector as well.

The only thing that lets this book down is that the examples in the book & CD are focussed on people with at least a degree qualification. It would have been nice to see a section for those students who are leaving colleges and other learning establishments without higher qualifications.

The overall impression that comes from this book is that vacancies are too special to be left to chance, and a book like this will help in successfully creating a CV that can target the ideal job. How to Write an Impressive CV and Cover Letter: A Comprehensive Guide for the UK Job Seeker costs around £12.99 – ISBN: 978-1-845-28-365-0

Mumpreneur Rating: 4/5

Reviewer: Will Roney

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