Recession Causing Women to Look for New Ways to Earn?

There was a news story yesterday on Radio 1 about women working as online strippers to beat the recession. One mum, Lauren has  said her priority is her three-year-old daughter and insists she’s not being exploited.

“A lot of my friends are working in clothes shops and stuff, they’ve got no money. I could do two shifts in a week and I’m still earning more money than what they are and I get to spend all day, every day, with my little girl. I wouldn’t want to be at work all day and have her in nursery. I wouldn’t be able to see her.”

What would your advice be for women signing up to this sort of work? If you look on this site there are lots of other ways to earn money and stay home with the kids. Or like Anna van Heeswijk from Object, which campaigns against the sexual exploitation of women, do you think the industry needs to be better regulated? She says, “It is the man who decides which women he wants to choose, depending on what she looks like and how she’s willing to behave sexually. This puts enormous pressure on women within the industry to perform more and more extreme versions of pornography in order to attract men, in order to make a living.”


Thanks to Angela for finding the link to this story for me.

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