Mum’s Home Office: Can You Get Your Toddler to Stay Asleep?

One of the biggest barriers to a busy working day is lack of sleep. At the moment I’m struggling with a 3 year old who won’t go to sleep at night until I’m ready to drop and a 6month old who thinks 5am is morning. So, I was pleased to try out the Gro Clock.

However I did hesitate before writing this review, because I just don’t think I can get it to work properly, and I can’t see what I’ve done wrong. Nevertheless, it is doing a great job with the three year old.

The way it works is that you programe sleep and wake times, press a little button at bedtime and the sun turns into a moon. The moon stays there until it is time for your child to get up as a reminder that, if they wake, they need to go back to sleep or at least stay quietly in their room! I can get it to turn from sun to moon at night, but somewhere I must have set it incorrectly as it continues to display ‘moon’ well into the next day. i suspect I’m just too sleep deprived to get it! However J is sleeping well in the mornings and if only I could get K, 6m, to understand what the moon means we’d be fine!

The Gro Clock also has a setting for day time naps. It costs £35-40, is attractively designed and comes with a bed time story book too.

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