Women Want Flexi-Work: Now Find Top Employers Who Offer It

Almost all of the 1,677 women surveyed said flexible working was very important to them. When asked what they thought made for a family friendly employer, offering flexible hours for full time jobs came out top at 85%, just ahead of offering some homeworking for full time jobs. Moreover, a workingmums’ poll published this week shows 88% of the over 420 women surveyed consider they are working below their skill level, mainly to get the flexibility they need. While large organisations often promote flexible working internally, they often do not capitalise on these policies when recruiting external candidates and so can miss out on experienced professionals who might give them a competitive advantage and help them plug skills shortages.


Workingmums.co.uk, which was set up in response to an unmet demand for flexible professional work, has over 100,000 women searching for flexible jobs each month. Many have over 15 years of experience in their field. They include senior executives, editors, barristers and directors. The new workingmums Top Employers platform will enable employers to attract a much broader range of candidates with all the necessary skills required for the position, while allowing candidates to seek employment that offer work/life balance solutions so that they can build a career without compromising their family commitments.


Research shows that flexible working is a win win situation for employers and employees. It boosts retention levels for skilled staff and reduces absence levels. Staff who work flexibly say they feel substantially more committed to their organisation as a result and companies who have implemented innovative flexible working policies report huge savings in office overheads. Dionne White, Sales Director at Workingmums.co.uk, said: “I believe what we can offer is a broad spectrum of experienced candidates alongside a fantastic diversity and inclusion branding platform. Workingmums can potentially provide large organisations with an untapped candidate market which is growing dramatically year on year as as more highly qualified women seek to balance work and family life.” 

The first organisations to be offered Top Employer status/or positions include Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd, McGraw Hill, Morgan Stanley, Thomson Holidays, RSA, E-ON, Citi Group, McDonalds, Domestic and General and Herbert Smith.

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