Mumpreneur Profile: Lisa of Baby Not Included

Name of Business: Baby Not Included

Your Name and Age: Lisa Jackson age 28

Tell us about your family: I live in Devon with my fiance, Chris and our ten year old son Ryan.

What did you do before coming up with your business idea and how was it making the transition?
I actually currently work full-time as a Medical Secretary along side my business. I decided to go for my dream, but had the reality of paying for our lifestyle. We also hope to expand our family and so decided to take the risk beforehand.

When did you launch?
The business went live in May 2007

How did you get started?
My business came about after a late night throwaway comment that I made about wishing I worked for myself. Before I knew it, it had become a reality and I was sourcing products and looking at website designs.

What research did you do before launching?
None. I know that’s really bad, but it was me living the dream and just going for it instead of my usual safely safely test the waters option.

How have you funded the business?
My business was started with £250 in my brand new business account. I have also put in small amounts along the way but said right from the start that a business loan was too much of a risk.

How do you promote your business? What has worked best?
I am a member of several networking sites, have paid for advertising in the MumsClub journal, and am linked to other sites. I have had recommendations on a few blogs and have held competitions. I’m not entirely sure what option has worked best, but have found that many customers return and re-order.

What has been your biggest challenge so far? How have you dealt with it?
The biggest challenge has been how much work you have to put in. I was slightly naive to think that I could produce a website with products that I like and people would come flocking in. You have to get yourself noticed, which means that you have to constantly let people know that you exist. It is endless work, but I do find it enjoyable.

How do you fit in work with the family?
I have a very supportive family. Chris, my fiance does the lions share of the housework to enable me to work. I work around my son’s activities making sure that I spend time with him as well. This leads to many a late night.

What advice would you give to someone else wanting to work in this area?
Only start a business if it gives you enjoyment. The hours that you have to put in are endless so really think if this is something you want.

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