Book Review: The Gift of Inner Success – Rasheed Ogunlaru ***

The Gift of Inner Success, a self-help book from Rasheed Ogunlaru attempts to give us the opportunity to re-centre our lives and give us something we all want, Peace and Happiness.

The book takes us on a journey from realisation that we as people hang onto a lot of baggage that we are not responsible for, and that we get pre-occupied with labelling things whilst interpreting these labels as good, bad or indifferent.

I am new to self-help books, so I was surprised at the length of it. The Gift of Inner Success is less than 100 pages long and is written in a style that I am unfamiliar with. However, the themes of identity and self that were being proposed struck a chord, and gave a little insight into another way of living.

The book realises that in order to move on, the individual needs to address the problems of the moment, and it does this by spend a number of chapters talking about events in your past that you maybe hanging onto, such as the divorce of parents. Such events being not the responsibility of the people involved may weigh heavily on related people who believe it is their problem. By releasing these notions, the individual can start the journey towards Peace and Happiness.

I began to feel that the book was too short to have any effect, however I have allowed a little time between reading the book, and writing this, and have been thinking a lot about the themes suggested. The ideas proposed in the have a longer resonance than I expected, and can be a launch pad for further development.

 The Gift of Inner Successcosts £9.99 from Amazon and can also be bought from as an e-book (£2.99) or MP3 download(£6.99)


Reviewer: Will Roney

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