Mum’s Home Office: Well, You Have to Clean Sometimes

This is the second post about cleaning in less than a week. A worrying trend as I’m not the queen of clean and prefer to train the family to look after themselves. However, sometimes a girl just has to clean and the PR people promoting Ecover came up with the perfect way to get me interested.

I received through the post a big green trug with a cleaning products trial inside. For each of Ecover’s new, green cleaning¬†products there was a chemical counterpart. Together with a pair of washing up gloves and a eco cleaning cloth I was all set up for a Which?-style user trial.

I started off with the gentle option, the Multi Surface Cleaner, where Ecover’s product was matched against Flash One for All. With the sink nice and dirty I covered half at a time and gave each side a spray. Sadly¬† I saw little difference between the performace of the two products … or perhaps that was the point of the trial. Anyway, neither seemed to sweep away grease and grime like in the adverts so I took things up a notch. Ecover ecological Power Cleaner went up against Cillit Bang. What did I find….?

Well, J, 3, can say ‘Bang and the dirt is gone’ at the sight of a Cillit Bang bottle, so I must have the TV on too much. And again, it doesn’t seem to matter which product you spray on my sink. The best cleaning results seem to come from old fashioned and eco-friendly elbow grease.

If you’ve been holding back from using eco-friendly products, from my (moderately independent and slightly scientific) trial they seem to do just as well as their chemical counterparts.

This is supposed to be the Mum’s Home Office Monday review… I suspect all this cleaning is just a distraction and will go back to posting on forums instead now.

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