British Mummy Bloggers Carnival

Welcome to the British Mummy Bloggers Carnival – a round up of the best blog posts from over the last few weeks.

This week’s carnival has come just after a very business Business Mum Week for me. I think I should have read Time Management Mum’s tips in Prima before I started! But what have other British Mummy Bloggers been writing about in the last few weeks?

Great Parenting Advice

You can’t beat mummy bloggers for great parenting advice with a certain amount of humour. At Survival4Moms it’s all about dirt and germs: would you let you little ones crawl on the floor there? If your parenting standards have slipped as you add more kids into the mix, you’ll smile at Babyrambles misconceived ideas about parenting. And in World of a Mummy it’s all about weaning and weightloss. This is something I can relate to right now as I love it when I get into my new size 12 skirt, only to find that it is soon smeared in baby food.

Emily at Brits in Bosnia writes about Mean Old Mummy, something that lots of us who are the main carers will relate to. Fab Mum’s son is coming home from school and letting it all out – sorry, no, it doesn’t necessarily settle down. At Maternal Tales there is a positive story of being a step mum.  And Susanna finds Something Funny in the Toilet.

But if you are looking for a simple parenting principle, check out WorkingMum Kas’s post. It is short but sweet and one every parent should think about. And read about the heartwarmingly positive side of parenting from Insomniac Mummy and Most Least (I love her tag line…. “who’s idea was it to have so many children?”).

And in the Big Wide World the out there…

Moving further afield, Angels and Urchin’s guest blogger is britsinbosnia who gives some background to her life and blog. Muddling Along Mummy shares a week in the life of Ginger the Chicken … yes, really. And Rosie Scribble  writes on marketing to mums. Finally, I want to leave you with Sandy Calico’s moving post about a Breast Cancer Awareness event. It is a great reminder that this month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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