Book Review: Better, Stronger, Faster by Brad Rosser ****

As a former Corporate Development Executive of the Virgin Group reporting directly to Sir Richard Branson, Brad Rosser has worked with some of the best people aiming to find and develop new markets for the Virgin Group.

 His book Better, Stronger, Faster: Build it, Scale it, Flog it – The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Success in Business is his attempt at using his experience to demystify the secrets of the entrepreneur. He also aims to provide insight to markets and to develop skills and confidence so that you can use this book to enhance your own business.  I got the impression that Brad wanted to make this book more than the usual ‘How-To’ book on starting and running your own business.

For a start one major impression I got from the book was the energy, drive and enthusiasm that he has for the subject. For most people a list of career positions in a book like this spells instant boredom, but in Mr Rosser’s hand it seems to make the book come alive. There is the time that he spent with Alan Bond, himself a successful entrepreneur and understanding that part of winning is knowing when to quit.

The three themes of the book, Build It, Scale It, Flog It allow the reader to go through all of the major processes that successful startups need to go through – from having the idea, to financing it and then making it all work in the more practical world. There are many examples throughout the book from Brad’s working life, with Virgin, Orange and others that put the theory proposed into some sort of context that most of us can understand.

This is a book that is not like all of the other startup books that I have read. There is an incredible amount of positive energy associated with this book. It tries to make successful entrepreneur-ship accessible, believeable and put in a way that most of us can appreciate. For a budding Richard Branson this is not a bad book to start with.

Better, Stronger, Faster: Build it, Scale it, Flog it – The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Success in Business is priced at £18.99 but is currently on Amazon for around £12.

Reveiwer: Will Roney

MARK 4/5

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