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Friday Giveaway: Snazaroo Face Paints Kit

16 October 2009 20 Comments

 Win a bumper pack of face paints from Snazaroo

If you’re looking for a way to enhance the kids’ fancy dress outfits this Halloween or a fun activity for a rainy half-term day, why not check out these face paints from Snazaroo?

Halloween Face Painting KitSnazaroo’s Halloween Kit costs just £10.99 and contains everything you need including a choice of eight paint colours, a brush, a sponge and an inspirational step by step guide to help get both yours and the kids’ imaginations flowing.

All Snazaroo face paints are made of quality cosmetic ingredients, plus they are non-toxic and hypoallergenic and can be easily removed with soap and water. 

If you fancy winning a bumper pack of Snazaroo face paints worth over £20, send me your great face painting ideas. What are the easiest faces to paint, or the craziest ones your kids have asked for? If you have a photo of the results, even better.

Just comment below with your ideas (and look on the Snazaroo website if you need inspiration, www.snazaroo.com)

Closing Date 10am Friday 23rd October.


  • Sarah said:

    I find butterflies are really easy and so beautiful for little girls. For the boys, definitely a skeleton!!

  • Nicky Edwards said:

    Ooh… Something to make the children look scary for Hallowe’en (and – if applied appropriately- something to make Mummy look less like the witch the kids think she is)!

  • Carmen Wing said:

    Getting the kids to sit still would be a start 😛 I would say the easiest face I’ve had to paint would be a clown one on my eldest – though I tried to make her cute, she came out of it looking kind of evil. I would never be allowed to do it now because after a girlie sleepover with lots of urban legends told about EVIIIL clowns – she is now terrified of them!

    I’ll do a post on my blog about this comp and I’ll see if I can find a picture of cute clown gone evil 😉

  • mazgoli said:

    This looks like a great idea for a rainy few days over the half-term. Perhaps a different theme each day with dressing-up and role play!

  • Nadine Dutton said:

    The easiest has got to be a tiger although my daughter often asks for a jungle scene – where she got that from I’ve no idea.

  • Ann Williams-Maughan said:

    Pierrot the clown, white face with small tear drop. Big red lips and black painted eybrows. Simple.

  • adel same said:

    مرحبا بكم سنازارو اود ان احصل على جميع الالوان العاديه والميتالك عبوات 32 جرام واود معرفة كيفية الشحن لبلدى مصر ارجو منكم الرد على سريعا لانى فى احتياج لهذه الالوان مع جزيل شكرى عادل سامى

  • Kim Mulcahy said:

    My daughter always knows exactly what she wants, usually a butterfly! If you are looking for ideas though look at the snazaroo website it has lots of ideas & instructions how to do it, your kids will be very impressed!

  • Sarah Whittington said:

    Butterflies are easy to achieve also panda’s witches or ghouls especially with Snazaroo Face Paints.The Snazaroo website makes it easier to achieve face designs and are not as hard to achieve as they look!I love the football supporters painted faces think they are great.
    The hardest one for me was when my son wanted to be a dinosaur and have his whole face and top body with scales on with face paints.
    I would also like to say that my children have very sensitive skin and other face paints caused them to have redness after but since using Snazeroo face paints they have no reaction or redness after using.

  • Heather Bestel said:

    My daughter and I have just taken up face painting and we’ve done a few charity events for free. It’s great practise for us and great for the cause. Butterflies are our most asked for design for the girls and tigers for the boys. We’ve also done skeletons, dragons, fairies and at a recent festival we ended up doing most of the adults with very simple designs of flowers and dots just around the eyes or on one side of the face (very effective). Best face paints we’ve found are Snazeroo, they’re great. We practise on each other a lot and watch more experienced face painting artists on YouTube. I love the spray painting, would really like to have a go of that in the future.

  • Sadie said:

    Fantastic giveaway – both of my children love having their faces painted, they adore Glastonbury where they can have a different one every day!

    My son loves being a tiger, but recently had a ‘dancing skeleton’ where he could make it dance by wiggling different bits of his face which he thought was FAB!

    My daughter mostly chooses to be a vampire – she seems convinced that she is one (from the good team though so she doesnt eat people?) I think with her pointy teeth I could be convinced 😀

    I think the craziest one we’ve done was when my son was around 3 and he insisted he had to have a pink and orange tiger – it was amazingly painted but what a combination!!!

  • Helena said:

    I’ve done a whole body paint on my son – he turned into a zebra. Made a terrible mess indoors though. I’m sure you’re not meant to cover their bodies with paint but we washed it off pretty quick.

  • Fiona said:

    Last christmas my daughter wanted to be a christmas angel, that was quite easy to do. My son normally likes being spiderman – lovely if he manages to rub his face on the cream sofa! LOL at least the covers wash

  • Emma Walker said:

    My daughter always asks for a pink butterfly as she loves it – would be nice to try some new designs for her

  • sophie muncaster said:

    Great comp!!

    My son once asked a face painter at the village fair for a “bear grylls” and the painter thought he had said a “grizzly bear”. We compromised and did solider camoflage which is so, so easy!!

    Girls has to be flower or butterflies but we have also had a dancing skeleton which was so amazing but far to skillful for my liking!!

  • Nadine Hill said:

    My daughter loves butterflies and they are really easy! For my son – the tiger face! That’s pretty simple too but I’d love to try out more!!

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  • Lisa said:

    I once saw a unicorn on the side of a little girls face which was absolutely gorgeous but not sure that I would be able to recreate. My son wanted me to paint his face last year and he wanted to look ‘a bit dead’ so I asked him what he thought that would look like. He said ‘well a bit mouldy and crusty bits on the edges’.


  • Tracey said:

    I love face painting ideas! I’ve had some very creative moments with the kids over the years who have very generously given me the thumbs up even I’ve gone a bit wrong with the design.

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