Mum’s Home Office: More Ways to Destress

Stress is one of the big problems of being a working mum. I’ve asked Lisa of Lactivist to review a few destressing products over the next weeks and give us her verdict. Lisa says, “Life is particularly stressful for me at the moment, I’m a single mum and I run my business from home, my son has been out of school a lot, and it is pretty foul in the middle of the city where we live right now, lots of shouting neighbours and fights in the street. I really need to destress!”

This week, Lisa is looking at Ultimate Unwind hypnotherapy CD from Space To Be. She writes,

“It is very difficult to review something that sends you to sleep every time you listen to it.

“Georgia Foster the hypnotherapist has a slightly antipodean lilt to her voice, so I immediately imagine Germaine Greer telling me to be somewhere warm and safe so I can drift away. Georgia also has a bit of a robot tinge to her accent so by the time she is telling me consult my doctor if I suffer from epilepsy, I have a bizarre picture of a Borg Queen/Feminist hybrid in my mind. It is about then that the birds start tweeting, and piano music starts. I am incredibly intolerant of background music so the fact that I actually do find this relaxing is a big deal. So, there I am closing my eyes, listing to an Ozzie robot, who I suspect has wings by now and is floating around the forest and I am wondering how far the beach is, I think I can hear waves and all is well.

“I like this CD, it does not expect you to do anything, it does not ask you to concentrate on anything in particular but just reassures you that because you have chosen this time to relax, that is all that is important.

“Something happens with a leaf floating to the ground and then that is pretty much all I can remember until I either wake up, or drift off to sleep. That is another good thing about this CD, it does not wake you up sharply ready to seize the day in a horribly motivated fashion, it gives you the choice, wake up gently, or drift off to sleep and ignore the count up to wakefulness.”

Lisa’s verdict: “I’ve been using Ultimate Unwind most nights to help me get to sleep and after a week I do feel a bit calmer and my sleep is defiantly deeper and contented. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who needs a bit of space and ‘me time’ in their lives.”

Five out of Five

You can hear a sample of Ultimate Unwind on the Space To Be website.  £13.99 + £1.50 P&P

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  • I’m with Lisa. Ultimate Unwind is aptly named. I also like the fact that Georgia doesn’t wake you up if you don’t want to be wakened at the end. That ruins so many so-called relaxation recordings.
    As a bit of an insomniac, this recording has been a godsend! Thoroughly recommend it.

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