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If half term is getting to you already, if it is raining with no signs of stopping and your lovely children are bouncing off the walls, you may be thinking of ways to relax. With this in mind, mum to one Lisa has been checking out MyTime Relaxation Volume 1. She writes:

 The 30 minutes of the My Time relaxation CD start straight off with music. The music is rather odd; retro Dr Who meets Steve Hillage in a student party where you have had a dodgy flapjack and too much cheap wine. All a bit spinny, new age and somewhat disorientating. It has the same lack of respect for time signatures and volume that my 6 year old does when he plays the piano, but strangely it works well.

The actual guided relaxation is just lovely, it takes you to a secret garden and it is pure escapism. You look at flowers and clouds and fall deeper into a pleasant fog of a semi dream like state. When you are nicely comfortable you are helped to reflect on all the good bits of yourself so at the end of it you feel positive and rather proud of yourself. It is great for raising your self esteem without making you feel silly doing it – there is no staring in the mirror telling yourself you are a beautiful person! The music does strange things in the middle of this though, with sudden jumps in volume and tempo detracting from the good work of the voice of Sarah Thame.

Sarah’s voice works well, I love the way she praises me for relaxing, I love the way she makes me feel like I really am taking time just for myself, and that I deserve that time. The end of the CD brings you out of hypnosis in a gentle way and I didn’t get that fuzzy day time nap feeling after at all. She makes taking half an hour off a guiltless experience.

I tested this CD for over 2 weeks and the more I listened to it the better it got. I became used to the weird music and I felt much calmer afterwards, taking the time off just for myself has made a huge difference to my wellbeing.

I think the MyTime relaxation would be a good one to use during the day if possible, if you are one of those people who have a child that naps for example, listening to MyTime would be much better for you than doing the dishes.

Four out of Five!

You can find the CD and downloands at MyTime Relaxation Volume 1 costs£12.99 + (0.75 p&p)

This review ws by Lisa Cole of

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  • thankyou so much for your very constructive review. I am not computer friendly as you my have guessed!!!! I have only just found you comments. The comments about the music were interesting and I will take note when making volume 2. I am so pleased the cd is helping you to relax and focus on the good, it is my dream this is listened to by all mums!!! what a wonderful “place” we would be in. Have a lovely Christmas Regards Sarah.

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