Half Term Fun: Face Painting for Hallowe’en

Halloween catD and J love face painting, and D, 7, wants to do it herself. J is easy to please, but sometimes it helps to get some tips on how to do it better. Today we’re trying out a cat with some instructions from Snazaroo. D has a Hallowe’en craft class booked for Friday and has to go in Hallowe’en costume so let’s hope it works as well as it does in the instructions. If I upload an image later you’ll know if has worked well: if not ….

Cat - Step OneHow to…… Cat 

Stuck for inspiration, then why not create a face that will have your child looking like the cat that got the cream?  With soft pastel colours and a touch of glitter, it’s a  winner every time.  

1.  Using the Snazaroo Rainbow Face Painting Kit, take a sponge and create a white base that extends out above the eyes and down to the top of the mouth.Cat - Step two

2.  Again with a sponge add a highlight colour – pink, purple or green all work well – across the eyes and the cheek.


Cat - Step three3. Using a brush and some black paint, outline the edge of the base colour, add some whiskers and colour the lips and the tip of the nose.  Finally add some sparkle with a little glitter dust or gel.

 Good Luck

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