Opportunity for Pregnant Women: Your Views Needed and Paid For

The Web Usability Partnership is a research organisation specialising in making our clients web sites more effective. It undertakes web site testing for Government and private sector organisation websites and recruits people to help test the sites. It is conducting research on a maternity clothes site and looking for someone who is between 8-20 weeks pregnant (aged between 25-40) to help test the site. The research is very simple. It will involve attending  a location in Central London and spending approximately 45mins looking at the site and giving  their opinion on it. There’s no prep work in advance, and no subsequent commitments. Why should anyone want to do this? Well:

· The tester is paid £40.00 to participate plus travel expenses (at 25p per mile).

· It will be helping to improve a web site that should be valuable to people like the testers.

· And it’s quite fun! 

If you, a friend or colleague fits the profile above and would like to be considered for this research, please  let Avril@webusability.co.uk  know as soon as possible.

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