Mum’s Home Office: Cleaning Up

Do you spend much time wiping up? I always seem to be wiping up the kitchen and the children. I try to find more eco-friendly ways to do this so I’m not  always throwing away kitchen paper. I’ve been sent some new eco designer cleaning cloths from to try out. The cloths claim  to combine design with environmental responsibility. They are made of cellulose (a by-product from paper making) and recycled cotton. They are 100% biodegradable and are printed with eco-friendly ink, which all seems good and green.

Design-wise, the three cloths I was sent were lovely.  There are much more attractive than what you normally get from the supermarket. The cloths come in six different colours – blue, green, purple, black, yellow and red – and ten different designs: a heart; flowers; leaves; flower doodle; stars, stripes, spots, fish and a bird. You can choose your own combination of designs: prices range from £1.75 – £2.50 depending on the number of cloths ordered: 1-3 cloths – £2.50 each 4-9 cloths – £2.00 each 10 cloths or over – £1.75 each.

I’ve been using the cloths to clean K, 8m. He’s at a messy stage and the nice things about the different designs is that it is easy to see which cloths you’ve used for wiping the baby and which for cleaning the kitchen. The press release suggests that you, “colour code your cleaning routines … for example blue for bathroom, red for kitchen, green for general cleaning and black for the cat”. I’m not that organised but the cloths work well whether I’m wiping K, or his high chair. I’ve put the cloths through the washing machine several times and they seem to be holding up as well as regular j-cloths. Because of their all natural composition, when they’ve finally worn out, you can just put them on your compost heap or in your compost bin.

If you like the sound of them you can order them from

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