Changing 5 Things in Your Weekly Shop: An Easy Way to Make a Difference

There are more foods available as fair trade products now, and they don’t have to be more expensive either. Fairtrade expert supplier Essential Trading has come up with a shopping basket of fairtrade herbal tea, fairtradeground coffee, tinned tomatoes, baked beans and coconut milk from which will cost £7.81 compared to non-organic, non fairtrade goods from Sainsburys. And by purchasing this selection , shoppers would be supporting over 200,000 families in projects that create clean water in Mexico, help farmers rebuild their farms in the Tsunami regions, support co-operative farmers in Italy and a kindergarten and school in Egypt.

I was impressed by the research and thought that has gone into sourcing the produce:

  • Café Rebelde Zapatista Ground Coffee (£3.35) is sourced directly from the farming communities in Chiapas, South East Mexico. Funds from the sale of Café Rebelde Zapatista coffee are used directly for a number of water projects. An average water system for 300 people costs around £4,000. While one can be constructed in less than two months, its average lifespan is 20 years.
  • Herbal Organic Fairtrade Biodynamic Egyptian Teas (30g £1.29) Essential has worked with the Sekem Foundation’s Egyptian farm since 1979 to grow and prepare bio-dynamic herbal teas that support development, education and training which has enabled the farm to grow from 70 to 2000 acres in this time as well supporting a kindergarten and school for the community.
  • 490g Baked Organic Beans £0.99 & 400g Tinned Organic Tomatoes £0.99. The tomatoes for these foods are grown on small farms that form part of a 35 farm co-operative in the Marche region of Italy. The farms are all certified organic to EU standards and Organic Farmers & Growers Association also approves them. The baked beans are also sourced from this farming cooperative.
  • 474g Organic Coconut Milk £1.19 Produced in Sri Lanka in the locality affected by the Tsumani. All of Essential’s coconut products (coconut milk, cream and virgin coconut oil) continue to support the general economy in the area affected by the Tsunami.

Eli Sarre, Sales & Marketing Director, Essential Trading says, “If we could encourage more Britons to change some of their basic items from their weekly shop to Fairtrade or organic foods, they could support over 200,000 families while feeding their own family nutritious, ethically produced food.” In this way, Eli believes people can reduce their ‘food footprint’ by giving back when buying their basics.

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