Mumpreneur Profile: Karla Harris of the Keepsake Consultancy

Karla Harris, spent 13 years looking for the perfect work-from home opportunity – ever since the birth of her first daughter, Megan in 1995.

Any opportunities, she discovered were too high-cost and high-risk. She wanted an opportunity that would enable her to work part-time around the demands of her growing family.

Following the birth of Zac (10) and Louis (6), Karla received a devastating blow in November 2008, when she lost her Baby Boy, Max, when he was just 2 days old.

At the time the hospital took hand and footprints of Max, which were later presented to Karla as a beautiful Keepsake, to commemorate his short-life.  Karla was so touched by this idea, she started to investigate how she may be able to offer a similar service to other families in her area.

After discounting a few Franchises due to high initial start-up costs, Karla discovered The Keepsake Consultancy and was thrilled as it offered exactly what she needed.

Karla says she was initially attracted by the company’s wide product range, which includes Casts and Impressions of Baby’s hands and feet – and Jewellery capturing children’s fingerprints, footprints or even artwork in pure fine silver.  But then it was the flexibility of the Business Opportunity which really appealed.

Karla explains: “The Keepsake Consultancy’s Business-in-a-Box Programme is fantastic, as it provides the training, support and all of the start-up tools you need including your own website  and print-ready marketing templates.”  Karla adds: “They provide you with everything you need to get started.  Without them it probably would have cost twice as much and taken twice as long.”

Michelle Williams, Keepsake Consultancy Director and Mother of two explains the background behind their innovative Start-Up programme:  “Many women desperately want to find something fulfilling which they can fit around their families.  Often they are deterred by high-franchise fees, which would put them under too much pressure.  Women today already have a huge burden attempting to juggle their home and work lives – so we wanted to create a Business Opportunity, which would help the average Mum start-out in Business.” 

The Keepsake Consultancy’s Business-in-a-Box therefore, includes a series of integrated training, support and value-added services, which enable operators to start their own home-based Keepsake Business from just £195 – £2600, depending upon which start-up option and Training Packages they select.

Karla enthuses: ”I think the best thing about this opportunity is the speed of the process.  After completing your training – you can be up and running within weeks. This is such a rewarding home-based business – I just wish I’d had this opportunity 13 years ago!”

About The Keepsake Consultancy

The Keepsake Consultancy offers women the chance to start their own rewarding Business, creating a range of delightful Keepsakes; including Fingerprint Jewellery, Artwork Jewellery and Casts or Impressions of Babies hands and feet.

 There are no Franchise Fees, Sales Royalties or Territory restrictions – simply a series of Training and Support Services, which offer the freedom to start your own  Keepsake Business around the demands of your family.

This is an extremely rewarding home-working opportunity, which is ideally suited to women seeking more flexibility over their home and work life.

Start-up Packages range from £195 + VAT.

To find out more about sharing in Michelle and Victoria’s success  by starting your own Keepsake Business:



Phone:  0845 4670147

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