Book Review: It’s Not What You’ve Got by Dr Wayne Dwyer

It’s Not What You’ve Got is a book about money and abundance for kids. I liked it because few children’s books look at money and address issues like’money does not create happiness’ or ‘live within your means’. Children growing up in the 21st century have plenty of other messages about the desirability of wealth and this book in some way acts to balance that out.

It is hard to work out exactly what age this book would suit best. It is beautifully illustrated in a way that you’d usually associate with books for preschoolers, but some of the concepts in it could fuel discussion for children in key stage 2 and 3. Whatever age your children are, it could be well worth looking at this book if you want to start a discussion about topics like ‘it doesn’t matter what ‘they’ have’. I went through this book with D, 7, who decided that it wasa good way of discussing ‘boring’ things – her words, not mine!

It’s Not What You’ve Got costs around £7.99.


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