Top tips for embracing smarter commuting

Congested roads, packed buses, delayed trains; the thought can send a shiver down the spine of even the cheeriest soul as they contemplate their journey to work. With the clocks set back and the nights getting colder and darker, the daily commute will only become that bit harder for the UK’s workforce.

But does it really have to be like this? Does the traditional 9 to 5 working day still need to dictate our modern working lives and condemn British workers to a life of rush hour traffic and busy public transport?

To coincide with National Commute Smart Week, GoToMyPC surveyed 2,000 British workers and found they could significantly reduce the 26 million hours a day they spend travelling to and from work by adopting a smarter approach to commuting.

The survey discovered 62% of commuters want to reduce the time they spend travelling to and from work, with the biggest frustrations being stuck in traffic (42%), issues with public transport (38%), travelling in the dark (36%) and cost (30%).

With this in mind, Andrew Millard of  GoToMyPC has put together ten tips that employees who are looking to adopt smart commuting can follow to improve their daily commute:

1. Speak to your employer

If you think smart commuting could work for you then approach your line manager to discuss the options. Taking a more flexible approach can work well for employers as well as their staff, and parents and carers automatically have a legal right for flexible working to be considered

2. Make your commute more productive

Travelling at different times or abandoning the commute altogether isn’t always viable. If that’s the case then do your best to use your time constructively. If you use public transport then why not read a book, or catch up on your emails to give you a head start when you arrive at the office. If you’re in the car then audio books could be a great way to entertain yourself or even learn a new language

3. Consider public transport

The majority of Brits use the car to commute, yet their biggest frustration is being stuck in traffic. Look into the possibility of using public transport instead; it could be more cost effective, allow you to be more productive with your time, and there are potential environmental benefits too

4. Work from home

Working from home, even if it’s only for one day a week, can cut commuting time and allow you to escape the journey to work. Using remote access technology, you can connect with your office PC and be just as productive as if you were sitting at your desk.

5. Get on your bike

If you live reasonably close to your place of work, then why not consider cycling? It’s green, healthy and cheap – and you’ll be able to whizz past all the cars stuck in a jam

6. Use your extra time wisely

If you embrace smart commuting, make the most of the additional time you get as a result. Why not take up a new hobby, do more exercise or spend more time with friends or family?

7. Travel at different times to avoid the rush

No matter what mode of transport you use, certain periods in the day are busier than others. Altering your start and finish times to avoid rush hours could make a big difference to the amount of time you spend commuting every day

8. Be transparent with colleagues and clients

If you’re working flexible hours or from outside the office, make sure those you work with know when you are working and how to get in touch

9. Use internet tools to stay in touch with your team

Working away from the office doesn’t mean you need to feel distanced from the rest of the workforce. Technologies like IM, Twitter and online meeting tools can facilitate interactions that allow you to stay in touch from any location – even while you’re stuck on public transport!

10. Consider all the options

There are many options if you’re thinking of changing your working pattern or the way you travel to the office. Make sure you evaluate them all carefully and test them out if you can

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