Mumpreneur Profile: Sarah of Save Our Friends

Save Our Friends is a family run (run by myself, my husband and my son’s god father) company based in Brighton. We are concerned that many of the world’s favourite animals won’t be around in ten years time.

The Save Our Friends concept was brought to life in September 2008. It took 6 months of hard work to bring the ranges together and quite some time after that to identify the charities and to put together all of the materials.

The toys (made by manufacturers with an excellent pedigree in the toy industry) and the conservation message which comes with them never fail to put a smile on a child’s or adults face. In fact, we often work with our children to bounce off ideas, check the toys loveability and cuddle factor and test much of our information about the plight of the animals. Our children help out quite a lot and are a valuable part of the business.

Why worry about animals? Historically, the world has lost one species to extinction every century. Now, an estimated 20 to 40 species become extinct every single day – a shocking statistic.

Our world’s favourite animals are in grave danger of becoming extinct, largely as a result of us – man – and what we are doing to the world every single second of the day. Air and water pollution, forest depletion, urban development, and ever growing populations have impacted the world in a catastrophic manner and threaten countless of our beloved species.

Save Our Friends has been developed to raise awareness about the plight of endangered animals globally and the valuable work which certain charities do to help the conservation of environments and the animals that exist within them. We are extremely proud to support the work of conservation and eco-centric charities that help endangered species around the world and are extremely fortunate to work with three established and well known charities each having their own particular range depending on their conservation objective: HRH Prince Charles’ Marine Conservation Society with Polar Friends and Ocean Friends, Virginia McKenna’s Born Free Foundation and Sir David Attenborough’s World Land Trust.

Our ‘toys with a conscience’ offer large, loveable and cuddly ‘endangered animal’ toys at special events and online at great value. Most of our toys are exclusive to Save Our Friends in the UK. Save Our Friends give a percentage of our profits back to the charity partner, as well as being a corporate sponsor and supporting each charity with an annual contribution.

Save Our Friends has launched with four ‘environmental’ ranges: Polar Friends, Ocean Friends, Rainforest Friends and African Friends with each range offering a minimum of five beloved and familiar ‘endangered’ toys to buy/ collect.

Our cuddly and adorable toys are made with ethical and fair trade values, sourced through the very best of suppliers based both in the UK and in the US. Consumers can choose from 20 toys in four environments – African, Ocean, Polar and Rainforest Friends and they are available from Each toy comes with a presentation box which is made from recycled materials and is environmentally sensitive. These presentation boxes depict the plight of the animal in the wild explaining why the animal is endangered and what is being done to support the conservation effort in the wild.

We anticipate the toys will be bought for a number of reasons: the quality of the toy and for the ability to give back to the eco-system and will be purchased for special occasions such as birthdays, christenings, Christmas and other memorable dates.

As well as supporting each of our three charity partners (World Land Trust, Born Free and Marine Conservation Society) with an annual corporate donation, we donate 2% from each sale of every toy to the charity partner. We hope this donation will rise as the business grows.

The toys are made in Indonesia and China in fair trade and ethical environments. Both of our suppliers have been selected because of their excellent pedigrees in the industry and maintain excellent standards of ethical responsibility with their factories. As parents of young children and knowing how today’s generation really care about endangered animals, it is so delightful to extend the environmental and conservation education through super cuddly and lifelike toys. All our ‘endangered’ toys are just so amazing to cuddle and never fail to put a smile on the face of a child or adult. The toys seems to give a connection to the wild and people who buy them always understand the ‘toys with a conscience’ proposition and are so happy they are supporting our charity partners as well as giving a timeless gift to love.

Save Our Friends has a new fanpage: visit it to find out more about the ‘cuddly toy and a charity gift in one’ that could be just right for someone’s Christmas gift, and get  a money off code.

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