Book review: Powerful Marketing on a Shoestring Budget by Dee Blick

We have all seen at first hand how businesses are coping in the current economic climate. Some are struggling and some are not, and the difference this book suggests, is the effectiveness of their marketing & communication strategy with both their customers and their suppliers.

In Dee Blick’s book, Powerful Marketing On A Shoestring Budget: For Small Businesses, a number of strategies for maximising communication is made using as many tools as is possible to the small business owner. In fact it can be argued that payment is not necessarily the most important part of marketing – getting the message across is the key activity.

This book targets the more tangible tasks that can be undertaken by an owner, relying on personal contact and networking for the maximum effect. There is also a discussion in a number of areas of small business marketing – networking, direct mail shots, advertising and exhibitions.

I especially liked the section on cold calling, showing that there are different ways of tackling what can seem to be the most daunting of tasks. There is also a section on using the internet for marketing, though despite the relative newness of the publication. The web is turning out to be a easy to use and low-cost option with global reach if used properly. By also including this section, Ms Blick who runs The Marketing Gym has understood its importance though I would have expected a little more on the subject.

Dee Blick has put together a incredibly useful handbook for those who do not have pots of money to spend on getting the message across.  If the down to earth and personal approaches identified in the book are used to their full effect, then anyone can make an impression that will ultimately benefit their organisation. This is targeted at small businesses, but there are lessons to be learned by larger organisations that have become blasé about their routines and processes.

All in all, a gem of a book with a huge potential effect for those that try and use it. Buy Powerful Marketing On A Shoestring Budget: For Small Businesses today for around £12 on Amazon


Mark 4/5


Reviewed by Will Roney

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