Book Review: Coaching Skills for Leaders in the Workplace by Jackie Arnold

The art of leadership is a complex one. Many books have been written about leadership, and Coaching Skills for Leaders in the Workplace: How to Motivate and Get the Best from Your Staff finds itself in the middle of a huge bookshelf of similar titles. Too often managers are leading a bunch of people with similar qualifications, but very different ideas and viewpoints about what it is to work in the modern world. The key attribute of a manager is the ability to communicate both vision and knowledge.

In her book, Ms Arnold takes a great deal of information from many sources – both from the public and private sectors and demonstrates how to set up a programme to coach work colleagues. These programmes are not just for the managers, they are also to identify and progress mentoring schemes to enhance employees during their normal job. 

There is also a level of formality about the information in this book. It is a book that has been written to meet the demands of the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) level 5 coaching qualifications. This book is no idle ‘how-to’ for the would-be business leader, this is one for those managers that want to make progress in their careers.

As a training tool, the advantage that this book has over its peers is its straightforward approach to solving the problems identified. There are lots of ideas which on the face of it could be presented in an academic (i.e. stuffy) way. The author manages to circumvent this problem by refusing to shy away from describing the techniques, but doing it in a way that we can all understand.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this book for anyone who is either looking to move into a coaching role within a business, or one that is looking to complete the ILM accreditation. It is a book that would be a worthy addition to any business bookcase. Coaching Skills for Leaders in the Workplace: How to Motivate and Get the Best from Your Staff has a cover price of £14.99 but was available on Amazon for £8.99 at time of writing.

Mark 5/5

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