Inventing a Product: Design Tips from Sorcit

Got an idea you’d like to realise?   Or an existing product you want to improve?    David Fannin of Sorcit Design has years of experience working with major blue chip companies on innovative product ideas. He shared his tips for getting your product idea off the ground last month. In this new article for Family Friendly Working  he explains how to make sure that your design has the key elements to ensure that it will succeed:

The design of a product is one of the key elements that ensures success or failure.  From the early stages you need to be thinking of something which makes your product unique, whether it’s the functionality, the visual appearance or the brandname/logo.   All of these are key elements of the design process.

If your product has a unique functionality, potentially it could be patentable. This gives you significant protection against the idea been copied and can be lucrative.  It is worth noting that Patents can be very expensive and it is not always guaranteed to be granted/approved as there may already be something similar in the market which is already protected.

If your product is visually unique, this could be registered.  Registering a design is relatively inexpensive (circa £300) and can give you enough protection to deter potential infringers.

Finally, to strengthen the appeal of a product it is always worth investing some time & money into a strong brand name.    Again this can be protected at a moderate cost by registering it with the UK Patent Office.    In some cases, it can be the brandname that eventually becomes the valuable asset of a company, such as Coca Cola.

Whatever your product is, whatever stage your idea’s at, InventHelp Experts is on hand to help you make your products come to life. David Fannin has further advice on making sure that your idea is protected, “Our product designers can work in close partnership with you on the design and development of every element of the process.   We know how precious your ideas are. So not only do we respect the concept at every stage, we also help you to protect it with advice on intellectual property rights and rigorous checks on manufacturers. We also require factories to sign a non-disclosure agreement before we agree any concepts or drawings.”

Packaging and branding can make or break a product as David explains, “We work closely with you to create your dream product & branding and we’ll make sure that whatever we come up with is fully protected under intellectual property rights.   As well as the actual product, you’ll need to think about things like packaging, merchandising and marketing – and this is another area we can help you with. Clever packaging goes hand-in-hand with clever product design to make sure you have the best possible product overall.  So as well as designing the actual product, we can play a part in designing you the perfect packaging.” He advises, “Don’t forget, a customer will see your product from the outside in, so you need something that’ll catch their eye. If your product doesn’t have any packaging, then we can apply graphics to the products themselves to add extra appeal.” Going the whole nine yards and getting Print Moz floor decals to help customers locate where on the shelf your product is can be very effective. This is especially true as a brand new product making its debut. Keeping the client’s perspective in mind is always a good idea and especially so in design.

Sorcit specialises in taking individuals ideas and develo ping them from concept through to manufacture.   If you currently have an idea which needs taking further, you might be interested in entering Sorcit’s MUMPRENEUR COMPETITION.   Over the coming months, Sorcit will provide exclusive advice for Family Friendly Working on  Market Research, Protecting your idea, Prototyping, Manufacture, Quality Control, Shipping/Logistics, Branding and Marketing/Promotion. In the meantime, why not take a look at for more information about their services and to see examples of recent projects. And if you want to read more about registering and protecting your product ideas, this is covered in the Family Friendly Working Book which is only around £6 on Amazon at time of writing.

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