Christmas Holiday Ideas: Put on a Panto

If the kids have broken up already or you’re planning ways to entertain them in the next few weeks, why not get them to Put on a Panto. Robinsons have set up  which takes your kids through planning, practising and performing a panto. It’s a fun site that helps the kids with everything from props to scripts and costumes. Younger kids might need lots of help but if you have kids age 8 and over plus a few friends to entertain it would be a great way to fill a winter’s afternoon. Just don’t be surprised if your wardrobe is raided for costumes. There are lots of advice sheets to download, some containing great practical ideas and others with suggestions like…

How to make a poisonous red apple: Buy a red apple from your local supermarket. Make a small hole in it and put some yucky liquid in it for the poison.”

I think it is something that D and friends will have alot of fun with even if I have to pop to the shop for red apples and yucky liquid.

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