Would You Take Your New Baby to Work?

If you’re self employed it can be hard to take a long break. I felt very privileged, though, that with my second baby I was able to build up work again gradually. Compared to the first time around when I was employed and had to go back to a full day, it was much easier to work for a couple of hours while J slept. This time, even though it is more of a juggle with three, I’m building things up again. I even took K with me to the Mumpreneur Conference in October as I’m still breastfeeding and couldn’t leave him overnight. And it’s good to know I’m not the only mum who will combine babies and conferences. Sarah Beeny was back presenting at Social Media 09 when her baby was less than three months old, and she brought him with her. You can see her here in the Waves PR blog, where Claire writes, “this is the first time I have seen a serious, successful  professional business person outside of a parenting related business acknowledge that side of themselves so openly”. Do you think that taking your baby to a work event is a great step forward for womankind?

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  • I work from home and managed to take approximately 2 weeks off after Eleanor was born (now 9 weeks) though, even then, I had to do a couple of 15-minute stints at the computer to sort something out that Chris (husband & business partner) couldn’t. I’m now back working something resembling full-time, though it certainly doesn’t resemble ‘normal’ 9-5 kind of full-time.

    Yesterday, I did a couple of hours’ work while Chris looked after the children, then did some work in the evening, while he looked after Eleanor, interspersed with my breast-feeding her every hour or so, until she finally went to sleep at about 11pm. Today, I had a business conversation, while filling the dishwasher, answered a number of emails on my Palm Pre – some while out Christmas shopping with Eleanor in her sling, others while coo-cooing at Eleanor – and had another business conversation while pouring stock into the risotto. And am no sitting down to work, while Eleanor sleeps in her sling, as she doesn’t want to go down until too late for fitting work in, otherwise.

    Haven’t been to any conferences or the like since she was born, but did have a morning work trip and business meeting when she was only a few weeks old. My mum looked after her and she slept practically the whole time. Don’t think I’d be happy with taking her into a meeting, but a conference would be fine. Would be inclineed to have someone on hand to take her off for a walk or something if necessary.

    But I’m glad that my business allows me to work from home pretty much all the time and juggle my hours around the girls.

  • Thanks for sharing that Tasha. It’s not easy fitting everything in with a very new baby … thank goodness it gets easier as they develop regular sleep patterns and their feeds space out.

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