Diary Review: Mum’s Office Big Family Diary

If you’ve yet to get your 2010 diary, check in to the Family Friendly Working blog as we’ll be looking at some of the best diaries for busy mums over the next few days. First up for review is the Mum’s Office The Big Family Diary 2010.

We like:

  • the page at the back to write your passwords for your favourite websites. Ideal for anyone prone to logging themselves out of sites – just don’t let anyone get their hands on you diary.
  • the way the diary is totally designed for the family. The initial section is all about ‘our family’, with space for everyone’s details. There is a page for Mum’s information and one for Dad too … I suspect you will be able to count on the fingers of one hand the number of families where both parents use the diary equally.
  • the page for class contacts – vital for any mum managing a busy child’s social life.
  • the fact that the diary has info pages for up to five children.
  • the sense of humour behind pages like ‘in case I lose my mobile’ – aka the address pages.
  • the robust plastic outer covers and spiral binding which should ensure the diary lasts the year.

We’d like to see more:

  • fun and humour in the design – the pages and cover are pretty dull really compared to the other diaries we’ll be looking at.

Overall, this is a great practical diary for a busy family. It costs £12 from www.mumsoffice.co.uk or Amazon

And if you haven’t yet got a diary, and would like to win this one, comment below and tell me why you think it would help!

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  • 2010 is the year that I start my own business specialising in product photography for mumpreneurs. I also plan to open a new photographic studio in the North West. My youngest child starts school in September. My eldest child is growing at a rate of knots! I can never remember where my husband will be from one day to the next.

    With all this going on can I have one of your diaries – please?!


    Jo Belfield
    Jo Belfield Photography

  • Despite running an online business, and using the computer constantly, I am COMPLETELY useless at using electronic diaries! Everything I do must be written down, or else I forget to do it. Like every other working mum I know, my days are squashed full with numerous tasks, work projects, school/nursery/pre-school pick ups and drop offs, playdates, meeting friends etc etc. My husband has recently started a new job where he will be travelling loads, so in addition to keeping track of my own, and the kids activities I also need to know where he’s going to be and when!!! I REALLY would love a Mum’s Office Big Family Diary.
    Bella Mama Breastfeeding Clothing Boutique

  • We have had a recent role reversal in our family and so my husband now runs the household and I earn the pennies!I started last year with the Mums Office diary in pink, thinking I would be using it, but my husband ended up using it and pink isn’t his colour!He has been doing a great job managing us and I would love to treat him to the more male friendly Family Diary.Thank you very much

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