Mum’s Home Office: Staying on Top of the Recycling

I have a friend who says she seems to spend far too much of her life in the kitchen sorting out the recycling. Admittedly she has five children but I think we can all find that piles of paper and bags of bottles can begin to take over. I’ve recently tried out a handy storage bin to make things easier.

In my office I chuck all the paper into a bin, then take it into the kitchen once a week to sort with the rest of the family recycling. We have a corner kitchen cupboard where we have a black bin bag for general rubbish, a red one for plastic and tins and a blue bag for paper. Our council don’t collect glass, so that needs to be stored separately too, and we struggle to get it all in.

Simple Human asked me if I’d like to try out something from their range of well desgined and attractive products for making home life easier. I quickly picked the pull out recycling bin (£64.99) as something that might make it easier to recycle and allow us to make better use of the cupboard space.

The bin was simple to install. You needed to screw the bottomm rails into your kitchen cupboard and the bin slides in and out on the rails. I can put different sorts of recycling bag in the front and back bins – I’d recommend putting the bin you use most often towards the front as the back one doesn’t come all the way out. the bin has helped us as it has made a better use of space in the cupboard so we can get more in there between weekly collections and trips to the bottle bank. I can now actually fit the glass in, instead of having it in a bag hanging around the kitchen. Well worth looking at if you’re finding the recycling is getting out of control.

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