Mumsclub PR Competition Winners: Louise of CT Academy

Louise PruntyThis week I’m featuring the fabulous business women who won the 2009 Mumsclub PR competition. Each of them will share their tips. If you feel inspired, you can enter this year’s competition here and get the chance to win:

Louise Prunty of Caledonian Therapy Academy Ltd was Highly Commended in the competition. Here is the interview with Louise:

Louise, How long has your business been running? I launched in 2004 as sole trader, and 2006 as limited company.

What is unique and special about your business? We are the only private training provider in scotland that offers Beauty, Nails, Holistic and Hairdressing Training

You did  a great job on PR for CT Academy in 2009. What helps you get coverage in your local media? Charity work, student sucess stories and winning awards

We saw lots of write ups for your business online too. How have you promoted your business online? Google adwords, yahoo pay per click advertising, our website., Other related company websites

What about national coverage? National coverage via various websites also articles in Guild News the industries main magazine

How much did you spend on business promotion in the last year? £5000 per year

And finally, what advice would you give to other business owners who do their own PR? You know your business best so you are the best person to do your own PR. Look at everything you do and learn how to spot opportunities for PR. If you are in a rut and nothing is happening create something news worthy. Organise a charity event an open day or competition.

Find out more about Louise’s business at

If you’d like a chance to enter this year’s Mumsclub PR Challenge, follow the link.

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