Book Review: ping by Alan Stevens

Are you unsure about how to use social media for your business? If you feel happier reading a clear, well written printed guide than surfing the net to learn, Ping: How to Tap into the Power of Traditional and Social Media to Massively Improve Your Profile and Profits, is an excellent way to get to grips with twitter, linked in, podcasting and vodcasting and more.

Alan Stevens has years of media experience and uses the first part of this book to get you up to speed with more traditional PR on print, TV and radio, but there are other books that do this. The main reason to buy is that he has taken advantage of Bookshaker’s rapid publication process to get out a book that is up to the minute on social media.

Stevens breaks down his advice into each, manageable chunks. You can get to grips with his top tips for each social media platform in minutes, and each section has a 30 second guide to sum up. It is a more effective way to find out about most of the social media platforms as you have all the basics to get you started in one place. His advice on how to use social media to promote your business is spot on too.

Ping costs around £10 on Amazon and is definitely a book that any business owner aspiring to make the most of online promotion should spend their Christmas vouchers on in 2010.

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