What’s Your Personal Goal This Year?

Have you made a resolution this year?

Over on The Mumpreneur Guide Blog I’ve been writing about business resolutions and posting exercises to help you work out your business goals for 2010. Perhaps you won’t be surprised to hear that I find it easier to make business targets than I do personal ones. But I’m giving it a go this year.

On a personal level, I want to get back to being able to go out as a couple every two weeks or so. This has all been thrown out by the arrival of DS2, but we ned to get back in the habit. I’ve booked a baby sitter for this weekend, so that’s a start.

I also need to get fit again after a difficult pregnancy. Fortunately the local council has a new health trainers initiative. I saw the stand at the train station, signed up, and now have an appointment with a health trainer. I hope that she will be able to help me set some fitness goals. I’ve been impressed by Joanne Mallon’s gym challenge. I may not be making 150 gym visits in 2010 myself, but would like to notch up one fitness activity with the family and one longer walk with the buggy each week. I hope that the health trainer will be able to suggest one further thing for my fitness plan for 2010.

If stopping smoking is your resolution this year, there are lots of things that can help. Visit your GP’s practice and find out if there are any local support groups. Talk to a pharmacist about the different types of nicotine replacement. And have a look at Serious Quitters’ Arcade which has some fun games to help you quit. Remember, getting advice from a professional is the best way to succeed.

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  • I’m working on a few goals this year, mainly work related but I’m also setting myself some personal ones. Firstly I am working on becoming ET (Executive Trader) with Phoenix Trading, a MLM business I run from home. Also raising the profile of my other business Education Takeaway through social networking. blogging and networking both locally and nationaly. But my main business goal is to attend the “Mumpreneur Conference”
    Personally I want to visit “Go Ape” with my daughter and swing through the trees like a money, I’m easily pleased. And another big goal is to book a ski-ing holiday for 2011. We’ve not been for 3 years now and I’m really missing it.

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