Book Review: The Eureka Enigma by Ron G Hubbard

Ron G Holland’s Eureka! Enigma: 7 Keys to Realizing Your Dreams is a book which attempts to help you retrain your brain so that you can experience your own ‘eureka’ moment. Each and every day our brains process an inordinate amount of data, but the author states that we must learn new ways to interpret this information sub-consciously, in order to reach our own creative breakthroughs. Everyone has a different way of ‘decoding’ this information but Ron goes through 7 steps to help the reader intentify their own ‘key’. The whole book is a sustained metaphor, likening the brain to a computer, and using computer terminology to explain the process of retraining your brain, talking about hardware, software, input, computation and output. If you are familiar with the operatioin of a computer this metaphor may prove useful, but in many ways I found the comparison over-complicated what was essentially describing a process of free-assocition, visualisation and positive thinking as a way of generating creative thought.

I felt this was a book written by a man for a man, and over-complicated what was essentially a very simple concept. I personally wouldn’t recommend it for mums in business mainly because of the length and complexity of the argument. Mums in business are always short of time because of the numerous demands placed upong them, so they need the type of book that can be easily be picked up and put down, written in a clear, uncomplicated way.

Eureka! Enigma: 7 Keys to Realizing Your Dreams costs around £7.45 at time of writing.

Mumpreneur rating 1/5

Review by Sam Pearce of

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