Travel With the Kids: Long Car Journeys

With half term coming up, yes it is only a few weeks away, are you getting away with the kids? We’ve got a short break at Butlins as the children liked it so much last time. It’s not too far, but that’s still a couple of hours in the car with a 10m old, a 4 year old and an 8 year old, so I asked on twitter for some tips.
@MegAppleford recommended portable DVD players: I suspect they’d be very popular with D and J. A friend relented and bought DVD players for her family when faced with a 7 hour drive from the south coast to North Wales.

@LisaCDunn had a suggestion to help, plus something to avoid. She says “big YES to talking books; AVOID I-spy with those too young to spell, lol”

My tips include packing snacks and spreading them out throughout the journey: wait until crankiness is about to start before passing them out. I aim for things like raisins and cheese biscuits. I also try to pack water bottles for everyone and again ration passing them out until I know we have a loo break coming up.

Tesco Bank has an article with more tips for long car journeys . I liked the suggestion of packing activity books and pencils, which would definitely appeal to D, 8. The suggestion that you could also pre-empt ‘are we nearly there yet’ by keeping the kids informed of your progress could work well too. And there’s something useful for the parents too: you could get up to 1200 clubcard points when taking out car insurance through Tesco’s site. If you’re really canny you could put the points towards next half terms break.

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